Use Ricket's Tickers to gather 3 Deep Alabaster Crystals, 3 Deep Celestite Crystals, 3 Deep Amethyst Crystals, and 3 Deep Garget Crystals.

Provided item: Inv misc bomb 02 [Ricket's Tickers]


Hey! I need some help gatherin' crystals. The elementals trade top dollar for these things... if you help me gather all the different kinds, I'll cut you in on the profits.

Use these bombs to blow out chunks from the bigger formations.

I've got a nasty habit of packin' the explosives a bit thick. Mind the kick.




Well played!

I've got this pretty sweet deal going. A bunch of shmucks go up there to Therazane's Throne and give all kinds of gold to D'lom for who-knows-what kinda crap. He forks all that cash over to me for these crystals. I go home freakin' rich for a couple chunks of rock.

Don't tell no one though. I don't want no competition springin' up.

Think you can come back later to help me get another load of crystals out?


You will gain:


The four types of crystals can be found in each of the rooms (not the connecting tunnels) of the Crumbling Depths. MAP CrumblingDepths


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