Turning the Tide sends the player to The Shattered Halls to defeat Warchief Kargath Bladefist and retrieve his fist as proof.

Objectives Edit

Bring Warchief Kargath's Fist to Force Commander Danath Trollbane in Honor Hold.

Description Edit

The permanence of the orcish threat is one of the sad truths of Outland. There was a time when we Sons of Lothar believed we'd purchased Honor Hold's safety with our blood, but there was to be no peace.

The Sons will yield to no orc - green, brown, and now red - we will overcome them or die trying. If we are to have any expectation of victory, we must take the fight to them in Hellfire Citadel. Bring me the weapon of their self-styled 'Warchief' Kargath Bladefist and you will be well rewarded.

Progress Edit

Have you returned with proof of 'Warchief' Kargath Bladefist's demise?

Rewards Edit

In addition to 4Gold 40Silver, you will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv misc cape 19
Inv jewelry necklace 21
Inv jewelry ring 16
Inv wand 05

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 12650 experience (or a 7Gold 59Silver compensation at level 70)
  • +500 reputation with Honor Hold

Completion Edit

Well done, <name>. With your victory in Hellfire Citadel, we have struck a major blow against the orcs.

I must speak with Field Commander Romus about following up and ensuring that the orcs stay on the defensive. Now that we've been reinforced, we can do far more than simply defend Honor Hold.

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