This quest is located in Hammerfall. As of Patch 3.1.0, this quest is no longer required for Artisan First Aid; you may train it from any First Aid trainer in a capital city.

Objectives Edit

Save patients by using Triage Bandages to tend to their wounds. You must save 15 patients before 6 of them die from their injuries.

Remember the order of triage! Critically Injured Soldiers die the fastest followed by Badly Injured Soldiers. Injured Soldiers take the longest to die and should be saved AFTER your Critically Injured and Badly Injured Soldiers have been triaged.

If at all possible, do the quest at the same time as someone else. Group with them, and you take 3 beds, and they take the other 3. It makes the quest MUCH easier.

  • 15 Patients Saved!

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Good day, doctor. You will be tested on your ability to triage patients accordingly this afternoon. Should you pass your examination, you will join the prestigious ranks of Horde Trauma.

Now pay attention! The critically injured must be tended to first. After the criticals come the badly injured. The injured should be tended to last. You must save 15 patients to pass this exam. You will fail should 6 of your patients die in triage.

Triage bandages will be supplied.

Good luck, doctor.

Completion Edit

Doctor <name>, welcome to Horde Trauma.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv misc bandage 12
20x [Heavy Runecloth Bandage]
Inv misc note 05
[Horde Trauma Certification]

Gains Edit

  • 5500 XP (Scales with level. 16Gold 53Silver at level 80.)

Strategy Edit

Main article: Quest:Triage/Artisan First Aid quest guide

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [45] Horde Trauma
  2. Horde 15 [45] Triage (Horde)

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