Objectives Edit

The Winterhoof Brave has informed you that using the Brave's Flare to target all four of the towers at Skorn for air strikes would be advisable.

  • Northwest Tower Targeted
  • East Tower Targeted
  • Southwest Tower Targeted
  • Southeast Tower Targeted

Description Edit

As we move through Skorn, we must destroy the towers.

If you have a look at them, you'll notice that their tops are lined with casters. Getting too close to them would mean certain doom.

However, we can call in wind rider air strikes from Camp Winterhoof. To do so, we need to get close enough so that you can lob a smoke flare atop of them.

Just don't get too close.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

Getting too close to those towers is certain death as long as those casters are up there.

Completion Edit

You have a strong arm, <name>.

It looks as if those wind riders finally made themselves useful instead of just standing around and drinking all day

Notes Edit

The towers circle the "upper" part of Skorn. Keep your distance! ~10 frostbolts can knock a player out pretty quickly. Don't stand near the tower during the strike or for very long after the fact. ~2-3m respawn on the casters.

Keep this quest open until you have finished the entire questline, including killing the leader of Skorn, then turn it in last. Unless you can fly, you will have to pass towers several times, and being able to take out the casters as you pass will make your life much easier.

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