This is part of the quest chain The Prophecy of Akida quest chain.


Find the Totem of Coo using the clues provided to you.


You begin to read the totem, barely able to pronounce the awkward words and phrases. Slowly, words start to form in your head. You think that the totem is telling you to go up the nearby hill, to the northeast.

Cut scene

After accepting quest:

Stillpine Ancestor Akida appears
Stillpine Ancestor Akida urges you to follow him.
Stillpine Ancestor Akida leads you south and east, up a rise to the top of a bluff, where the Totem of Coo can be found.
Stillpine Ancestor Akida points to the totem of Coo.


The totem has various primal markings. You see owls, bears, wolves and stags carved into the surface of the totem.

You note a strange collection of symbols that makes your mouth form the word C-O-O.



When this quest is first accepted, a ghostly furbolg will appear and guide you to the Totem of Coo.

The Coo totem is on the hill northeast of Azure Watch. Coordinates: 55, 41

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [8] Learning the Language
  2. Alliance 15 [10] Totem of Coo
  3. Alliance 15 [10] Totem of Tikti
  4. Alliance 15 [10] Totem of Yor
  5. Alliance 15 [10] Totem of Vark
  6. Alliance 15 [10] The Prophecy of Akida

This quest chain leads directly to another quest chain: Stillpine Hold quest chain.

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