Objectives Edit

High Executor Wroth at Venomspite wants you to use the branding iron 5 times on Torturer LeCraft to get the information out of him. After that, kill him.

  • Torturer LeCraft fully questioned
  • Torturer LeCraft slain

Provided Item: High Executor's Branding Iron

Description Edit

Enough! I want you to put an end to the torture of my people!

The Onslaught's torturer, LeCraft, has been bleeding information out of everyone that gets caught by those fiends! I need to know what they know.

My sources tell me that he's setup shop in the basement of their barracks, which is right next to the smithy.

I'll loan you my personal branding iron to see to it that the job is done right.

Find him and get that information.

Completion Edit

They knew all of that? And who the hell is this Grand Admiral Westwind that he spoke of?!

<The high executor grumbles to himself about hating surprises.>

Better that we know than have to guess. I hope that you left your... er, my mark.


Here is LeCraft's monologue:

While he is being tortured:

  • Ow! I'll tell you NOTHING, filthy <race>!
  • Wait... WAIT! What is it that you want to know?! I know you're the <class> named <name>.
  • OW... NO! We know that you've been stealing our armor and weapons and horses!
  • We know... that you don't... know why we're immune... to your so-called blight. Grand Admiral Westwind somehow gave the high abbot that prayer. I beg you... no more... please?!
  • AHHHHHHHH! Please... we know... that you have a spy... disguised as... one of us! There... that's all I know. Please... mercy... STOP!

At this point, you have gained your information, but can continue the torture:

  • I TOLD YOU... I don't know... anything... else!
  • Just... end it.
  • They all... begged... for their... lives!
  • Please... stop. I'll do... anything....

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 19
Inv helmet 108
Inv shoulder 95
Inv gauntlets 30

You will also receive: 5Gold

Gains Edit

Quest Chain Edit

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