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Bring the Soothsayer's Runes to Professor Thaddeus Paleo at the Darkmoon Faire on Darkmoon Island.

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This collection of well-worn runestones has seen much use. The pieces seem old; you can't recognize any of the markings on their surfaces.

Perhaps a scholar or a collector would know more about them. Bring them to Professor Thaddeus Paleo next time you're at the Darkmoon Faire.

Progress Edit

What do you have there?

Completion Edit

Where did you find this collection of runes? I haven't seen anything like this in years. It'll be a splendid mystery to unravel!

Would you trade these for Darkmoon tickets?

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You will receive:

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Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.3.0 (29-Nov-2011): Added.

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