This quest directs the character from Bloodmyst Isle to Darkshore, where further quests can be found.


Take the boat from the dock near Huntress Kella Nightbow to Auberdine. Once you have arrived in Auberdine, take the Letter of Introduction to Thundris Windweaver.

  • Letter of Introduction (provided)

Quest Text

If you wait out on the dock, you'll see the boat arriving from the port of Auberdine in Darkshore. Once it has offloaded its passengers, you'll be able to board.

After a short journey, the boat will put in at Auberdine and you'll be able to deliver your message.

It's probably best to take this to Thundris Windweaver, an old friend of mine and a well-respected citizen of the town.


Welcome to Auberdine, friend. What brings you to Darkshore?


<Thundris accepts the letter from you and reads it quickly, nodding.>

The isles the <race> call Azuremyst and Bloodmyst were inhabited long ago by my people. Some of the threats faced by Anchorite Paetheus and his brethren are ancient enemies of the night elves.

I am certain that the people of Auberdine are willing to provide what aid we can to our new allies. As soon as I have spoken with the townspeople and the sentinels, I will send word to Paetheus.



Thundris Windweaver is at east end of the large, cross-shaped building north of the dock.

  • Coordinates: 37,40

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