The True Masters is the third so-named quest of the Great Masquerade quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon after speaking with Lady Katrana Prestor.

  • Advice from Lady Prestor

Quest text Edit

Solomon paints a dreary picture. Still, we cannot afford to send our thinly spread troops to the aid of Lakeshire on speculation. I will need proof of these claims before I can act.

Speak with Lady Prestor, <name>. She is a learned woman and knows much of dragons and dragonkin. She may be able to shed some light on this situation.

Dialog: talking with Lady Prestor Edit

<Lady Prestor glares at you.>

GossipgossipiconPardon the intrusion, Lady Prestor, but Highlord Bolvar suggested that I seek your advice.

I was standing right next to you, imbecile. I know what you seek.

GossipgossipiconMy apologies, Lady Prestor.

You seek to lower our global defenses in order to appease a paranoid magistrate and an encampment of riff-raff that are probably suffering from heat stroke.

GossipgossipiconBegging your pardon, Lady Prestor. That was not my intent.

Of course not, dear boy. You 'adventurer' types are often victims of circumstance; subject to the political drama which tends to unfold between citizenry and royalty.
My advice to you, then, is to seek out something else, more specifically: A new career.
This world has enough heroes.

GossipgossipiconThank you for your time, Lady Prestor.

Completion Edit

<Bolvar cups his chin as if in deep thought.>

While I respect Lady Prestor's stance, I believe that there is a solution to this dilemma that may put all of our concerns to rest.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 550 XP (or 3Silver 30Copper at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [54] Dragonkin Menace
  2. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  3. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  4. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  5. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  6. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  7. Alliance 15 [54] The True Masters
  8. Alliance 15 [54] Marshal Windsor
  9. Alliance 15 [54] Abandoned Hope
  10. Alliance 15 [58] A Crumpled Up Note
  11. Alliance 15 [58] A Shred of Hope
  12. Alliance 15 [58] Jail Break!
  13. Alliance 15 [60] Stormwind Rendezvous
  14. Alliance 15 [60] The Great Masquerade
  15. Alliance 15 [60] The Dragon's Eye
  16. Alliance 15 [60] Drakefire Amulet

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