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Ironforge: Take the Symbol of Life and resurrect Narm Faulk in Dun Morogh.

Stormwind: Take the Symbol of Life and resurrect Henze Faulk in Elwynn.

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Ironforge: We was spyin' on some of the Dark Iron dwarves that've bunkered down south of Helm's Bed Lake. We knew they was up to no good, so Narm an' me thought we'd take a closer look--got ta see their leader given orders to some o' his men.

Narm an' me took the chance to kill a few of 'em, but they proved tougher than we thought, an' more of 'em got the jump on us. Narm tol' me to run an' get support, so 'ere I am.

Narm needs help, an' I'll not rest till he gets it.

C'n ya help, <name>?

Stormwind: Henze and I had made it to Heroes' Vigil, an island in the middle of Stone Cairn Lake in northeastern Elwynn. We'd heard the Defias had infiltrated our borders and we wanted proof to take to the king's advisors.

We caught sight of a couple of the scum going over some documents, and we attacked. Unfortunately, we were quickly overwhelmed by more of the mages.

Henze held them off for me while I escaped... the daft fool, going and being brave.

He's out there now, Henze is. Can you help us, <name>?

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  • Narm Faulk can be found on a small hill northeast of Ironbeard's Compound in southeastern Dun Morogh (coordinates 78,58).
  • Henze Faulk can be found on a hill on the west side of the island in Stone Cairn Lake in Elwynn Forest (coordinates 72,51).

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