The Swarm Grows is the first step to short series of quests involving silithid monsters in Thousand Needles.

To Get This Quest

At the Crossroads in the Barrens, talk to Korran the troll, coordinates (51,29).


Deliver [Korran's Sealed Note] to Belgrom Rockmaul in Orgrimmar.

You will need:


Head to Orgrimmar to the Valley of Honor. Belgrom Rockmaul is outside the biggest building, pretty much as soon as you come in the valley. Coordinates (75,34).


Many travelers who've come through the Crossroads helped me gather eggs from the Field of Giants, and many of them have tales of how deadly the creatures are. I've heard enough to consider them insects a much larger threat than my masters first thought.

I need a courier to travel to Orgrimmar to meet Belgrom Rockmaul. It be no simple matter, and someone who would take the task seriously should go.

Belgrom usually be found outside the warriors' guild house.


I envy you, <class>. You have the look of someone who's been outside the walls of Orgrimmar for a while.

I myself would travel in the name of the Warchief if Thrall didn't have need of my skills here in the city. But he leads us well, and I trust his judgement--I remain here for as long as he needs me.


Ah, a note from Korran. He has been a loyal servant for some time now. I was wondering how his duties were going in the Crossroads.

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