This is a warrior specific quest, part of the Weapons of Elunite quest chain.


Bring 8 loads of Elunite Ore and Elura's Medallion to Elanaria in Darnassus.

Quest Text

You have learned much, <name>. Now we will craft you a weapon. A warrior's weapon.

To do this, you must travel to Darkshore.

Long ago a ship crashed upon the rocks near the Auberdine lighthouse, scattering many crates of elunite ore along the ocean floor.

First, you must defeat the elunite's guardian, the Shade of Elura. Once the ship's captain, she cursed herself to roam the deeps and protect her shipment for all time. Defeat her, gain her medallion, and gather the crates of lost Elunite.


Have you defeated the Shade of Elura, <name>? And do you have the lost elunite ore?


Bravely done, <name>.

You have given the Shade of Elura much deserved peace, and we will use the gathered elunite to make a fine weapon for you.


The boat is right off the docks. Facing the water, go to the end of the dock (where the boat to Azuremyst Isle docks) then leap off and go south. It is near the dead sea turtle south of the dock.

Coordinates: 31,44

The crates are scattered, some fairly far east of the ship, some underneath the dock.

The shade is found on the wreck.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [10] Elanaria
  2. Alliance 15 [10] Vorlus Vilehoof
  3. Alliance 15 [10] The Shade of Elura
  4. Alliance 15 [10] Smith Mathiel
  5. Alliance 15 [10] Weapons of Elunite

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