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Speak to Josiah Avery at the Military District in Gilneas City.

Description Edit

The arsenal Crowley speaks of is in the cellar of a building just west of here.

It is unnerving that artillery was smuggled inside the city by my enemies, yet it might end up saving Gilnean lives today.

Find Josiah Avery and requisition the rebel artillery. We will put the weapons to good use.

Completion Edit

Don't look at me! Leave me alone!

Notes Edit

You need to go around the building to find the cellar door (it glows, so easier to identify). If you run around the south you won't be facing mobs on your way there.

Completing the quest will put the players into phase 4. At that instant, Avery transforms into a worgen, attacks and knocks away the player, then is shot and killed by Lorna Crowley, who continues the quest chain. Players are now debuffed with "Worgen Bite: You were bitten by a worgen. The wound looks minor... maybe it'll go away with time?"

On complete:

You've been bitten by a worgen. It's probably nothing, but it sure stings a little.


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [1] Lockdown!
  2. Alliance 15 [2] Something's Amiss
  3. Alliance 15 [2] All Hell Breaks Loose / Alliance 15 [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square / Alliance 15 [2] Salvage the Supplies
  4. Alliance 15 [3] Royal Orders
  5. Class quests
  6. Alliance 15 [3] Safety in Numbers
  7. Alliance 15 [4] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal
  8. Alliance 15 [4] From the Shadows
  9. Alliance 15 [4] Message to Greymane
  10. Alliance 15 [4] Save Krennan Aranas
  11. Alliance 15 [4] Time to Regroup
  12. Alliance 15 [5] Sacrifices
  13. Alliance 15 [5] By Blood and Ash
  14. Alliance 15 [5] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
  15. Alliance 15 [5] Last Stand

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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