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Slay Or'Kalar and bring his Head to Horde 15 Korin Fel in the Hammerfall outpost.

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You serve my husband well, <class>, but he does not know why Hammerfall is under attack.

Or'Kalar, Mug'thol's pawn in Stromgarde, has an intense hatred for my husband, and wishes nothing more than my husband's death for defeating him years ago.

My auguries tell me that Or'Kalar has laid a trap for my husband, so I have hidden signs of the ogre's presence from him.

My husband will rush off foolishly if he learns of the ogre's whereabouts and I would ask for your help in slaying the creature.

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You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv sword 40

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Near the Tower of Arathor--that is where you will find Or'Kalar. His death will stop the attacks on Hammerfall and protect my husband's life.

I see in your eyes that you think me weak--even dishonorable--for my silence. Some day you will learn what it is to love as I do. Perhaps then you will understand a different kind of strength and honor.

In the meantime, do as I ask, and slay Or'Kalar.

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You have done me a great service, <name>. Know that my husband's life and the safety of Hammerfall has been protected for another day because of your deeds. Please take this as a reward for your courage.

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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