Reach level 3 to learn Seal of Command. Cast Seal of Command on yourself and then hit a Training Dummy south of the entrance to Northshire Abbey.


As you continue in your journey as a Paladin, you'll become closer to the light, learning new abilities. Go, get more experience, and learn a new ability. Demonstrate it for me, and we will continue your training.


You're a quick learner, <name>. Return to me as you grow stronger and I'll teach you more about using the Light to vanquish your enemies and strengthen your allies.


You will receive:


  1. A [1] Beating Them Back!
  2. A [1] Lions for Lambs
  3. Class quests
  4. A [1] Join the Battle!
  5. A [1] They Sent Assassins
  6. A [1] The Rear is Clear
  7. A [2] Blackrock Invasion / A [2] Extinguishing Hope
  8. A [2] Ending the Invasion!
  9. A [1] Report to Goldshire / A [4] Rest and Relaxation

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