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Bring the Perenolde Tiara to Remington Ridgewell in Stormwind.

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The Perenolde Tiara is an old heirloom of the Perenolde "nobles" - the ruling family of Alterac before that kingdom fell to ruin. It is said to have been crafted by master jewelers in Ironforge, and fitted with the finest of emeralds.

When Alterac was destroyed the Tiara was lost, but there are rumors that an Ogre Mage, Grel'borg the Miser, found the tiara and now wanders the Ruins of Alterac searching for more treasures.

We would have you acquire the tiara for us.

Progress Edit

Salutations, <name>. Do try to avoid stepping on my pant cuffs. This outfit is newly tailored.

Completion Edit

Ah, this is splendid. This will have to be cleaned of course, but you really outdid yourself, <name>. I will have someone prepare the tiara and place it within our collection posthaste.

As I'm sure you will agree, our gratitude is as grand as our collection.

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You will receive:1Gold 50Silver

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