The Newest Member of the Family is an Alliance only quest in which the player must rush a sprite darter egg to the Hinterlands, where a dwarf lives who can help look after it. This is part of the Freedom for All Creatures quest chain, which will eventually award the player with a baby sprite dragon pet, very cute and highly desired. The chain starts with A [47] Freedom for All Creatures in Feralas.

How to Get This Quest

After completing A [47] A Short Incubation by talking to Quentin at the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles, simply talk to him a second time to get this quest.


Take your Fragile Sprite Darter Egg to the Hinterlands and speak to Agnar Beastamer, but hurry, you only have 1 hour to find him before the hatchling within the egg dies.

You will need:


Agnar Beastamer lives in Wildhammer Keep, Aerie Peak, the Hinterlands. If you don't already have the flight path to Aerie Peak, then the fastest way is from Southshore, running through the mountains of north-eastern Hillsbrad Foothills to get into Hinterlands, Aerie Peak is just inside the Hinterlands zone.


A magnificent specimen, <name>. If this creature survives gestation, then it'll be a healthy pet indeed!

There is one last thing I would suggest doing if you plan on following through with this—head to Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. Speak to a dwarf there named Agnar Beastamer, he's a master animal handler and should be able to guide you in the final steps of incubation.

But hurry, <name>, this egg is fragile and will not last long without proper care.


Greetin's, <name>. How can I be of service to ya?


Well, well, well... I haven't seen one of these in a dragon's age. Faerie dragon, if I'm not mistaken... looks to be of the sprite darter variety. Excellent, excellent indeed.

Well, if this little fella's gonna hatch and live to be strong and healthy, then we should get some food for it. Good ya got it to me in time.

Quest progression

Main article: Freedom for All Creatures quest chain
  1. A [47] Freedom for All Creatures
  2. A [47] Doling Justice
  3. A [47] Doling Justice
  4. A [47] An Orphan Looking For a Home
  5. A [47] A Short Incubation
  6. A [47] The Newest Member of the Family
  7. A [47] Food for Baby
  8. A [48] Becoming a Parent

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