After receiving an [Overseer's Badge] for advancing to friendly reputation with Netherwing, Varkule directs players to the mines with this quest.

Objectives Edit

Seek out the Mistress of the Mines on Netherwing Ledge.

Description Edit

Your help is required at the Netherwing Mines, overseer <name>.

Two days ago our mining operations came to a grinding halt when we made a grim discovery. A miner was working in the depths of the mine and struck his pick upon an unusual crystal formation. Unfortunately, this crystal formation was attached to a very angry nether dragon. The beast woke from its slumber and annihilated all of our workers.

Report to the Mistress of the Mines. They await you at the mouth of the mines, southwest of here.

Completion Edit

The miners are working hard but none dare step foot further into the mines. They choose death rather than being forced to mine deeper! It is going to be your job to carry out the duties and tasks that they failed to complete.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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