This quest is part of the quest chain The Missing Diplomat quest chain.


Subdue Tapoke Jahn before he escapes, and then return to Mikhail in Menethil.

  • Defeat Tapoke Jahn

Quest text

You say Elling sent you here? Well then, the hospitality I expressed is now tenfold. Anything you need, just ask. I will do my best to aid you.

Hmm, Slim, you say? Not sure the name sounds familiar, but I'll keep my eyes out for him.

Don't look now, <name>, but the gentleman over by the exit is looking over here. He's listening to our conversation a little too intently if you catch my meaning? If I were you, I'd do what you can to subdue him before he makes a break for the door.


Caught him, huh? Good for you. I'm surprised that was Slim.

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd miss the excitement of some of the more devious underground activities. I guess old habits die hard. Don't mention that to Elling--he'd probably try and get me to come back to Stormwind if he heard I missed the action.

I'm glad I could at least be of a little service to you while you were in Menethil. If you need anything else, just ask.



When this quest is accepted, Slim attempts to slip out of the inn by Stealth. Once he makes it out, he will set to running away. You will be able to attack (apprehend) him once he is out of the inn, if you can catch him before he runs off. As usual for this sort of encounter, you only need to get him down to about 20% health before he surrenders. (Since you want to ask him questions, killing him would be sort of counterproductive...)

Another defias agent will attack you as well, once you enter combat with Slim. Note that both slim and his buddy are about level 34.

Slim is such a popular guy around town that asking for help from other players in Menethil Harbor is likely to attract a crowd...

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 1)
  2. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 2)
  3. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 3)
  4. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 4)
  5. Alliance 15 [30] The Missing Diplomat (Part 5)
  6. Alliance 15 [30] The Missing Diplomat (Part 6)
  7. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 7)
  8. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 8)
  9. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 9)
  10. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 10)
  11. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 11)
  12. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 12)
  13. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 13)
  14. Alliance 15 [35] The Missing Diplomat (Part 14)
  15. Alliance 15 [36] The Missing Diplomat (Part 15)
  16. Alliance 15 [38] The Missing Diplomat (Part 16)
  17. Alliance 15 [38] The Missing Diplomat (Part 17)

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