Shadow Priest Sarvis wants you to kill 5 Mindless Zombies and 5 Wretched Ghouls.


We Forsaken are at war with the Lich King's army of the Scourge: necromantically raised armies of the undead, foul beasts of the north, and tormented spectres.

The northern part of the village has become overrun with the Mindless Ones, and they must be destroyed. Destroy them, show them no mercy, our former brothers and sisters as they might be. The Fallen are nothing but The Lich King's slaves.


You will not go far in this new life if you are unable to kill even the weakest of zombies, <name>. Do not return until you have success to report.


It is unfortunate that the Scourge cannot be brought into the fold, their large numbers would be useful in the battles ahead.

But they will not join us, so we have no choice but to destroy them.


You may choose one of the following:
Inv gauntlets 05
Inv misc cape 01

You will also receive: 17Copper


Quest ProgressionEdit

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