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Report to Field Agent Kaartish at the Menders' Stead in Western Plaguelands.

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I don't like the looks of what the Forsaken are doing here at the Bulwark. Bombs, cauldrons, needless bloodshed... none of these embody that which the Argent Crusade stands for. Furthermore, I don't like the fact that they employ mercenaries like yourself.

Nothing against you personally, <class>. It's just that you could be doing so much more for yourself. If you're interested in healing the plaguelands, rather than re-plaguing them, then report to Field Agent Kaartish at the Menders' Stead to the east.

Completion Edit

Welcome, <class>. As you can see, our camp is a joint expedition between Argent Crusade members and Cenarion Circle druids, but we welcome all who wish to help heal the land.

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You will recieve: 4Silver

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