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Gather information, then use the Phial of Scrying to create a Scrying Bowl. Use the bowl to speak with Onu.

Description Edit

It is strange that the naga are here, in Darkshore. But stranger still...are the Twilight's Hammer. That cult worships the old, old lords of the earth. Lords defeated long ago. The Master's Glaive, to the south, is a place where such an old lord fell. Go there and look for more Twilight's Hammer cultists. Take this phial of scrying. Use it to create a scrying bowl after searching the Master's Glaive. Then speak to me through the bowl.

Completion Edit

The Twilight's Hammer is at the Master's Glaive? Unfortunate. The old lord impaled by the glaive is long dead, but that does not mean slivers of his power do not still remain. The Twilight's Hammer must be seeking this power.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [17] Cave Mushrooms
  2. Alliance 15 [17] Onu
  3. Alliance 15 [17] The Master's Glaive
  4. Alliance 15 [17] The Twilight Camp
  5. Alliance 15 [17] Return to Onu

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