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Destroy the Foe Reaper 5000.

  • Foe Reaper 5000 slain

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He-hello? <name>, are you there? Are you still alive? Hello?

Oh good, you're still there! What in the name of Lordaeron are they building? It's some sort of mechanized monstrosity! You have to stop them from completing that...that...thing!

Throw out the rules, do whatever you have to do to thwart them!

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You're nearing the heart of their domain. There will likely be an extremely fortified door protecting the inner sanctum of the entire Defias operation. See if you can find anything that my pry it open!

I suggest a stealthy method!

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After killing Helix, exit the Mast Room to the east. The path to the boss this time is filled with Defias Miners, Defias Diggers, Defias Envokers and Defias Overseers. The Envokers will link to the Miners and Diggers, so be careful when pulling. The Diggers and Miners can be pulled by themselves, though. Do not engage an envoker while she is channeling Renegade Strength into a miner.

Two overseers are standing at [55.3, 91.3]
in the corner where the cave turns back to the north to the Goblin Foundry, near a pipe venting steam.
Defias Overseer 1 says: It's broken!
Defias Overseer 2 says: It's not broken!
Defias Overseer 1 says: Why's it shooting steam out of the side there, then?
Defias Overseer 2 says: That's the...pressure release valve.
Defias Overseer 1 says: In the middle of the pipe?
Defias Overseer 2 says: Er... backup release valve?
Defias Overseer 1 says: We should tell the Admiral.
Defias Overseer 2 says: You tell him.
Defias Overseer 1 says: No way! He gives me the creeps!
Defias Overseer 2 says: I know! The way he looks at you with those hungry eyes. I'm afraid to even turn my back!

Open the Heavy Door to the Goblin Foundry and what's left of the goblin workers run out in fear for their lives:

Goblin Craftsman says: They're alive...
Goblin Engineer yells: RUN!
Goblin Craftsman yells: THEY'RE ALIVE!!!
Goblin Craftsman yells: NOOOOOOO!!!

After getting towards the bottom of the room, Laine radios in with this quest. At the bottom of the foundry are two elite Defias Watchers and two elite Defias Reapers. They have more health than usual, so pull them individually. Knock them down to 30% health and they will turn friendly. They're on fire at this point, so they won't last long, but hop in one. They have three abilities:

  • [Reaper Strike] Melee range—Deals 96 to 113 Physical damage in a cone in front of the Prototype Reaper. Generates 20 steam pressure. Instant (1 sec cooldown)
  • [Reaper Charge] (40 Energy) 8-25 yd range—Charges an enemy, inflicting 200 Physical damage and stunning the opponent for 4 sec. Instant (1 sec cooldown)
  • [Pressurized Strike] (40 Energy) Melee range—High steam pressure is released into a powerful attack. Deals 299 Physical damage and knocks the target back. Instant (1 sec cooldown)

All four Defias Watchers must die to activate the Foe Reaper 5000. See its article for tactics on defeating the Foe Reaper. Once it has been defeated, Laine will radio in again.

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  1. Alliance 15 [16D] The Foreman
  2. Alliance 15 [16D] The Carpenter
  3. Alliance 15 [16D] The Machination
  4. Alliance 15 [16D] The Admiral
  5. Alliance 15 [17D] The Defias Kingpin

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