Bring the Lost Supplies to Quartermaster Lungertz.


This barrel is small yet sturdy. Its seams are sealed with a yellow, pungent wax. Stamped on the bottom of the barrel are the words: QUARTERMASTER LUNGERTZ NETHERGARDE KEEP


You receive
Inv crate 02


You have something for me?


Ah, thank you <name>!  So many supplies are lost from Darkshire to here.  It's good to see that some are recovered.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Note that this quest does NOT increase quest achievements, such as Money achievement Lore of Eastern Kingdoms or Money achievement 3000 Quests Completed


This section will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about running this quest.

With the removal of reputation gain dropoff, rep-hunters should complete every single quest for the faction they're working on, including the super-low quests, as you will now receive every drop of rep possible. That being said, SW-rep-hunters looking for that little extra bit can engage in the sanity-consuming pastime of box hunting.

This quest is first available at level 30, but as the mobs are in the 35-38 range (and some in the 40-42 range), you may want to bring some protection in the form of an extremely patient higher-level player. This is not to say that running this quest, or assisting someone who is, will be as largely a waste of time as it first appears. The mobs are good xp in your 30s/early-40s, and drop useful items such as spider silk, large fangs, etc. A skinner can get plenty of skins from the cats and the crocs; a miner can get iron and mithril; an herbalist will find more blindweed spawns in a small area than any other zone in the game, as well as fadeweed and some liferoot/goldthorn.

The quest begins by finding a box labeled "Scattered Crate" that turns your mouse to a gear when you hover over it. There are 12-13 spawn points in all; see and scroll down for a map. Once you learn where they are, checking the spawn points becomes very quick work, especially if you're lucky enough to have a friend help you hunt for the next box while you're running in your current box. Opening the Scattered Crate yields the soulbound-unique Lost Supplies item. Right click the item to receive the quest, then start high-tailing it down to the Blasted Lands and the Keep. Beware the 2 lvl-37 Stonard Scout mobs that wander the path to BL; attacking them will flag you for PVP, and dying to a higher-level Horde player will only add to the time it takes you to run your box.

Running a box without a mount will take you at minimum 10 minutes, and that's assuming you don't spend any time hunting for the next spawn nor fighting mobs. Running with a mount takes 6 minutes, again assuming you go right to the box and don't fight mobs. Once you turn in one quest, remember to open your Crate of Supplies for your reward; often it's just ~3s, but frequently there are health or mana potions or scrolls (int2, spr3, etc.), and there are reports of very rarely getting a blue item from the box.

There are 2 boxes spawned at any point in time. This author usually found that upon entering the zone, one of the central 4 points had one or both spawns. The next likely set of spawn points were along the road towards the north-east. The Lost Ones will flee at low health, and the 4(/5) spawn points along that road are surrounded by Lost Ones. Even at lvl 48, grey Lost Ones still aggro if you're close to them, trying to open a box. Also beware of the 2 PVP-flagged Stonard Explorers that wander this area. This author has seen a 5th spawn point just past the furthest marked spawn on the above map; that makes 2 spawn points right across the road from each other, one on the south side of the road by the water, and not one but /two/ north of the road behind the small huts.

This author only rarely saw boxes spawn back in the northwest area, but when they did spawn there, they were always behind the 42 Murk Lord in the cave in the /very/ northwest. The map marks another 3 potential spawn points along that west wall, but in all the hours this author spent running boxes, boxes never spawned in the northwest except for behind the Murk Lord. He doesn't drop anything cool, but occasionally there's a chest behind him (but it never seemed to have anything cool either; bit of cash, bit of food, the usual).

Since the release of Burning Crusade, there is a small contingency of Exodar NPCs in the area north of the west-most large island. There are three quests here, two are low 30s and one is low-40s. The low-30s quests ask you to kill 3 Cursed Lost Ones, which you'll need to do to get to the boxes, and get 6 Dranemyst Crystals, which are gear-openable land items in the area with the Lost Ones. One of those quests yields Exodar rep which spills over into approximately 55 SW rep, saving you 2-3 box runs. The low-40s quest involves running southeast to the Temple of Mid-40s Dragons and swimming around to find 10 artifacts (gear-openable land items). This quest yielded 95 spillover SW rep, but took enough time to complete that it was neither quicker or slower to run this quest instead of running boxes. (The character was 48, had water breathing which was an absolute necessity as some of the artifacts are at the bottom of the water, and could easily dispatch the lvl-42 fish that aggroed in the water.)

This quest will strip most players of their sanity after a while, and is only recommended if you're already in this area for some other reason, or unless you need a small quantity of SW-rep and you just can't find any other quest to give you some. The quest itself offers no XP, only 25 SW rep, and the Lost Supplies are unique; you have to run exactly one box at a time. That being said, it's better than being 250rep away from Exalted and not being able to find anything else to knock you over the line.

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