Locate Marcus Auralion, High General of the Sha'tar, at Crimson Watch.

Look for him inside a crystalline prison.

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This journal documents the recent activities of Illidan's armies. It also explains why Val'zareq was parading around the Path of Conquest. He was personally responsible for the capture of a high general of the Sha'tar.

This general is being held at a post known as Crimson Watch, located at the southern end of the Path of Conquest. A mysterious faction, calling itself the Crimson Sigil, is charged with his incarceration. If you choose to investigate, it would be wise to bring allies.


You slew their conqueror? Then we haven't much time...

The Crimson Sigil is a group comprised of Illidan's elite minions. They are at the top of the chain of command for all Illidari forces outside of the Black Temple. These soldiers communicate directly with the Betrayer here, carrying out his orders without question.

They are the fiends that will undoubtedly lead an assault on this world, trampling under foot all that would stand in their way.


This quest begins after players kill Val'zareq the Conqueror along the Path of Conquest in Shadowmoon Valley.

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