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Bring an Infernal Orb to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh.

The first step is to acquire an orb with power. The warlocks of the Burning Blade have nice, high quality orbs... it's too bad they've bound demons into them! But we can fix that, yes we can.

Go to Desolace and snatch an infernal orb from a Burning Blade summoner. You'll find summoners at the Mannoroc Coven.

When you have the orb, return to me.

Reward Edit

  • 240-2350 XP

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

  • You can find the Burning Blade summoners around the Mannoroc Coven area. They will be paired with a warlock imp. A good strategy is to sheep the summoner, quickly take out the imp, then blast the summoner, using Counterspell to prevent him from casting.

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