Report to Master Mathias Shaw

[83.7, 33.8]

for further instruction.


Given the potential of Azerite to change the face of warfare, it comes as no surprise that the Warchief seeks to lay claim to it. Reports indicate that she is mobilizing an army to march on Silithus--the site of the great wound. Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance fought side-by-side during the Argus campaign. To think that Sylvanas is ready to cast that unity aside... Speak with Mathias Shaw. I want you to oversee our presence in Silithus.


Wait! Our reports were wrong!


You will receive:


Upon acceptance:
  • Master Mathias Shaw says: Just a moment, your majesty! New information has come to light.


Part One
  1. A [110] A Short-Lived Peace
  2. A [110] The Horde Uprising
  3. A [110] A Disturbance in Ashenvale
  4. A [110] The Light of Elune / A [110] Knives of the Forsaken
  5. A [110] A Soft Glow
  6. A [110] Hidden Amongst the Leaves / A [110] Mercy for the Mad
  7. A [110] Garden Grove
  8. A [110] Enraged Furbolgs / A [110] Elves in the Machine
  9. A [110] The Wake of Something New
  10. A [110] Azerite Denial / A [110] No Horde Allowed
  11. A [110] Malfurion Returns
  12. A [110] "Rock" The World
  13. A [110] Long Away
  14. A [110] A Looming Threat
Part Two
  1. A [110] A Threat from the North
  2. A [110] Rescue Effort / A [110] Defending Lor'danel
  3. A [110] Action This Day
  4. A [110] The Guidance of Our Shan'do
  5. A [110] A Flicker of Hope
  6. A [110] From the Ashes...

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