Gather 8 Wendigo Manes and bring them to Pilot Stonegear.


Driving a Siege Engine isn't for everyone. It takes an iron grip and nerves of steel...lucky I have both! How about you? How's your mettle? Want to prove it to me? Well...I'm looking to make my engine, Trollplow, a little more cozy. How about you get me a heap of Wendigo Manes from the Grizzled Den, west of Kharanos. Those manes would make a great rug for Trollplow's inside deck!


You will receive:1Silver 75Copper


Hey, <name>.  Been to the Grizzled Den yet?  Those Wendigos can be fierce.


Ah yes, these manes will work great!  You show a lot of grit, <class> - I wager we'll see great things from you.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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