Objectives Edit

Slay 7 Grimtotem Marauders.

Description Edit

This is going to take a while, but I'm sure we'll beat them back.

You're more good to Thousand Needles elsewhere. We have reports that the gnomes and goblins out on the flooded salt flats somehow survived on a giant barge! Rendow is on the dock. She'll get you a boat to go there.

Mind helping us out a little on your way to her?

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 50Silver

Progress Edit

Think you could take care a few more of the Grimtotem for us first, friend?

Completion Edit

A boat? Yes, you can have this last one.

Notes Edit

Head northeast toward the dock overlooking old Thalanaar. There is but one boat not on fire.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [40] To New Thalanaar (optional)
  2. Alliance 15 [40] The Grimtotem are Coming
  3. Alliance 15 [40] Two If By Boat
  4. Alliance 15 [40] Do Me a Favor?
  5. Alliance 15 [40] Down in the Deeps
  6. Side quests: Alliance 15 [40] In the Outhouse, Alliance 15 [40] Bar Fight
  7. Alliance 15 [40] Pirate Accuracy Increasing
  8. Alliance 15 [40] Circle the Wagons... er, Boats

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