Bring the Grimtotem Battle Plan to Krog at Brackenwall Village.


With the activities of the Grimtotems in Thousand Needles brought to light, many tauren now regard them with suspicion. We've seen high-ranking Grimtotems engage in murder and kidnapping to advance their interests and I fear we may become their next target.

Blackhoof Village, to the northeast, near Bluefen, is a large new Grimtotem settlement. Their leaders, the elders, will all have orders from Thunder Bluff. See if you can capture the orders and piece them together to learn the Grimtotems' plans.


Were you able to find any trace of the orders?


<Krog reads over the battle plan.>

There's no doubt in my mind that the Grimtotems are moving against the humans. What I don't understand is what their intentions are toward us. The actions of the Grimtotems have caused tension within the Horde in the past, but the Warchief has always diffused it.


You will receive: 45Silver


The Grimtotem Elders all drop a [Grimtotem Note]. Collect 4 notes then combine the stack into the [Grimtotem Battle Plan]

Quest progression

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