Objectives Edit

Bring 6 Moongraze Buck Hides to Acteon at Azure Watch.

Description Edit

Well done, <name>! Well done!

Now that you've cut your teeth with the moongraze stag, it's time you graduated to more formidable prey. Do not allow the casual disinterest of the moongraze bucks to fool you: when provoked, they are a fearsome foe.

You'll find the bucks north of here. Good hunting. The buck hides are rugged and strong, making for very tough flesh - almost inedible, but we can use them for other purposes.

Completion Edit

Wonderful! You're turning into quite the hunter, <name>.

How would you like to look more like me? Well here is your chance! While you were out hunting, I fashioned these items out of some buck hides I had laying around. Take your pick!

Rewards Edit

you will receive: 1Silver 75Copper

You can also choose from:
Inv misc cape 10
Inv boots 06

Gains Edit

Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [6] The Great Moongraze Hunt
  2. Alliance 15 [8] The Great Moongraze Hunt
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