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Find Fras Siabi's smoke shop in Stratholme and recover a box of Siabi's Premium Tobacco. Return to Smokey LaRue when the job is done.


Terrible thing... what happened to Fras. You see, the town was sacked and Fras didn't want to leave his precious goods behind. The last thing I remember him saying was, 'I'll burn every last leaf before they get their damned, dirty hands on them!'

I may love a good stogie but I'm no fool. I left Fras and his delightful store that day. I assume he went down in flames but if there's a chance that even one box of his famous tobacco is still intact...

What do you say, <name>? Find a box for ol' Smokey?


I can't take it, <name>! You gotta help me! I'm dying!


Oh sweet, sweet stogie, how I have missed you...


You will receive: Spell fire searingtotem [Smokey's Lighter]


Notes Edit

Enter Stratholme through the primary door. At the first fork in the instance, take a left. Take another left at the second fork, and look above to see the sign for Fras Siabi's Tobacco. Clear the alleyway of monsters, then rest up. When you attempt to loot his box, Fras Siabi will appear and attack the party. Defeat Fras and loot the quest item from his corpse.

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