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| level = 10
| level = 10
| levelreq = 10
| levelreq = 10
| type = [[Fishing]], [[Daily quest]]
| type = Daily
| category = Ironforge
| category = Fishing
| zone = Ironforge
| start = {{NPC|Alliance|Grimnur Stonebrand|Fishing Trainer}}
| start = {{NPC|Alliance|Grimnur Stonebrand|Fishing Trainer}}
| end = {{NPC|Alliance|Grimnur Stonebrand|Fishing Trainer}}
| end = {{NPC|Alliance|Grimnur Stonebrand|Fishing Trainer}}
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== External links ==
== External links ==

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This is one of the Ironforge daily fishing quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.

Objectives Edit

Use the Bait-o-Matic Blueprint with 5 Shiny Baubles, a Hair Trigger, and 3 Rat Traps to create the Gnomish Bait-o-Matic.

Description Edit

One o' the gnomish engineerin' trainers gave me a blueprint fer a fancy lure he says'll help me catch fish faster and keep 'em from gettin' away. The whole thing sounds a mite silly if ye ask me, but I'll try anythin' once.

Here are the blueprints. Ye're going to need shiny baubles, which ye can buy from my assistant inside the buildin', a hair trigger ye can buy from an engineerin' supplier in Tinker Town, and a few rat traps from the Deeprun Tram.

Progress Edit

How's that fancy new lure comin' along?

Completion Edit

It doesn't look like anything I think a fish'd be interested in, but ye never know. Fish're strange creatures. Thanks fer givin' this a try, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

Grimnur's assistant Tansy Puddlefizz is immediately through the doorway to his right and behind him; the engineering supplier is Gearcutter Cogspinner, found in the room to the northwest in Tinker Town; and the Rat Traps can be easily found around the train platforms as they sparkle.

Achievement progression Edit

Patches and hotfixes Edit

External links Edit

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