The Gearmaster is the mini-boss conclusion of the Distress Call quest chain.


Research the Gearmaster's Manual and return Mechazod's Head to Fizzcrank Fullthrottle.


Gearmaster Mechazod is insane! He says that he offers us immortality by removing this so-called 'Curse of the Flesh', but what he's really making are robotic slaves!

<name>, we're pretty certain that he's still at the pumping station out in the middle of the pools to the east.

The last we saw of him, he was in the command hut up top. Go up there and research his stuff.

You must confront Mechazod if gnomes everywhere,... no, everyone everywhere, are to stay alive!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 124.png
Inv chest leather 01.png
Inv boots chain 11.png
Inv jewelry ring 15.png

You will also receive: 10g


Jinky told me to expect you. Is it done?


<The old gnome breathes a heavy sigh of relief.>

It is done then... you have saved us! If you hadn't stopped him here, then who knows how far his madness would have spread?

With the threats from the blue dragons and the Nexus War, not to mention the Lich King, the last thing we need is a mad creation of the Titans running loose!

Thank you, <name>!


Inspect the book on the table.

Gearmaster Mechazod says: You were looking for me, child? Why do you come to kill me, <name?> I only wish to help.
Gearmaster Mechazod says: Now that I have been reassembled, we can return to a time of perfection... the time of the Titans!
Gearmaster Mechazod says: But, I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your pulse rate. You would destroy me despite my offer of immortality!
Gearmaster Mechazod says: Very well. It saddens me that it has come to this. I look upon all of you if you were my children. I will slay you if I must!

Quest progression

  1. A [71] Distress Call
  2. A [71] The Mechagnomes
  3. A [71] Re-Cursive
  4. A [71] Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty
  5. A [72] The Gearmaster

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