Recover 10 Plagued Flesh Samples from Stratholme and return them to Betina Bigglezink. You suspect that any creature in Stratholme would have said flesh sample.


The Forsaken apothecaries are not the only beings in this world schooled in the sciences.

I have been studying the plague for years, <Race>. We had previously thought that the potency of the plague was dwindling, but what I have discovered here in the Plaguelands is startling. The plague seems to be growing in strength!

I need to run more tests! The most potent source of the plague is from the tainted flesh of the most recently infected. Travel to Stratholme and bring me samples, <Name>.


Some say I worry too much - to them I say, 'You don't worry enough!'


There is something that has changed in the chemical structure of the plague's active agents. More data is required.

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Quest From: Betina Bigglezink
Zone: Eastern Plaguelands
Region: Light's Hope Chapel
Kingdom: Eastern Kingdoms

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  • This is a simple collection quest. As the quest text says, almost every creature in the instance will drop a Plagued Flesh Sample.
  • In addition to the normal rewards, this quest will increase your reputation with the Argent Dawn.

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