Follow the path East out of Camp Narache and find Grull Hawkwind.


What you see here is the work of the quilboar, young one. Year after year they have encroached on our village. The great cataclysm finally drove them from their dens to spread like locusts across the land, and now you see the result; my own mother, dead from their savagery.

Today, you are of age. Today, you will take up your weapon and fight for the tribe, and avenge the Greatmother. Follow the path to the east, and find my son, Grull. He will lead you in our strike against the quilboar.


You will receive: 8c


Welcome to your first true test as a Tauren.

Quest progression

  1. H [1] The First Step
  2. H [2] Go to Adana
  3. H [5] Rite of Honor
  4. H [5] Last Rites, First Rites
  5. H [5] Rites of the Earthmother
  6. H [5] Rite of the Winds

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