Bring Dahlia Suntouch's Ruby Brooch to Krasus in the Ruling Council Chamber at Wyrmrest Temple and inform him of Dahlia's fate.


As you pick up the brooch, its faint glow brightens slightly.

Krasus will want to know of Dahlia's fate. Take the brooch to him at Wyrmrest.


You will receive: 1g 50s


Hello, <race>. I sense the presence of my Ruby Brooch.

What has become of Dahlia?


Dahlia was taken by the Scourge? This is a sad day for all of us.

I will look to finding a new keeper once the shrine is retaken. Thank you for your efforts... the Ruby Dragonshrine is a sacred place to us, and the sacrifices your kind have made will not be easily forgotten.

It is good to know there are still heroes such as you - I will call upon you one day. Until that day comes, may your adventures be fruitful.

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