In The Fate of Yenniku, the heads of Gan'zulah and Nezzliok finally reveal the whereabouts of Yenniku, the Darkspear chief's son. You must have completed both Speaking with Gan'zulah and Speaking with Nezzliok to receive this quest. This quest is part of a long chain, all available in Grom'gol, the first being Hunt for Yenniku which can be obtained from Nimboya at the north exit to the camp.


Speak with Kin'weelay.


Just talk to Kin'weelay, he is standing right next to the cauldron. The Bubbling Cauldron, where you receive this quest, is near the northern exit of Grom'gol Base Camp.


<Nezzliok speaks.>

You have appeased myself and my chief, so I will tell you that which you seek to discover...

Young Yenniku is lost to his clan.

He was taken by the witchdoctor Zanzil the Outcast. Now Zanzil controls him, body and soul, and only the most potent magic could set him free.

A magic that you do not have, <class>.

Perhaps your Darkspear allies can offer a hope of Yenniku's salvation. But that, I doubt.


You will be rewarded with the following:


Zanzil the Outcast??

If Yenniku is held by that troll, a vile and powerful witchdoctor, then I fear that only a faint hope remains. Faint. And tiny as the smallest insect.

But still, it is hope.

Quest progression

  1. H [34] Hunt for Yenniku
  2. H [37] Headhunting
  3. H [41] Bloodscalp Clan Heads
  4. H [40] Speaking with Nezzliok
  5. H [46] Speaking with Gan'zulah
  6. H [45] The Fate of Yenniku
  7. H [45] The Singing Crystals
  8. H [45] The Mind's Eye
  9. H [46] Saving Yenniku

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