Use the Ebon Gargoyle Collar on 6 Provincial Militiamen within Andorhal.


The battle started when they attacked us from the rear. I let my guard down, and a group of poorly-armed farmers and militiamen swung into our flank from the Writhing Haunt.

They may be weak, but unchecked, they threaten to overwhelm us with their numbers.

Lindsay's pet abominations can handle the melee combat. You take this collar, stay in the rear, and use it to release my ebon gargoyle upon these farmers.


Deal with these farmers now, <class>. That is your primary objective. Teach them how truly unprepared they were for the horrors of war.


Merely a dent on their numbers... but the sight of their fellow men falling from the skies surely weakened their resolve.


You will recieve: 50Silver


On accepting the quest

Koltira Deathweaver says: I hadn't planned on fighting soldiers AND farmers. With these farmers nipping at our flank, we risk losing focus on the task at hand: taking Andorhal.

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