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Travel to the Den on Stonetalon Peak. Using the Gatekeeper's Key, obtain the druids' hidden items. Use these items to open the Talon Den Hoard.


The druids built the Talon Den on Stonetalon Peak, where they keep many powerful items.

They devised a complex scheme to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

Luckily, I managed to... extract some details from one of them.

Hidden in a small lantern at the entrance of the Den, you will find the [Gatekeeper's Key]--with it you will be able to open caches around the Den. The items from these caches will allow you to open their hoard, located in one of the central areas.


Three keyholes are carved into the stone.


As the three keys are slid into their matching openings, in the middle of the glowing light a number of items appear.

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You will receive:
Inv pants 03


Details Edit

  • Don't forget to take Gatekeeper's Key (29.9,15.4) from a small lantern at the entrance of the Den.
  • The Claw Key is in a torch-looking thing at (29.5,15.8).
  • The Barrow Key is in a torch at (27,13).
  • The Sleepers' Key is in the NW corner of the den near (27,13)
  • Finally, the Talon Den Hoard, a large rock, can be found near (27,11).

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