Slay 8 Plaguebone Pillagers and report back to Ranger Jaela on the Dead Scar in Eversong Woods.


The black swath of soil that cuts through Eversong Woods is a permanent reminder of the day Arthas led the Scourge into our beloved city.

This blemish is more than an eyesore as even today it brings Scourge from the Ghostlands to Silvermoon.

Go, <name>, and give my men a hand in killing the mindless undead that walk down the Dead Scar.


You're back, <Name>. Did you fight off the undead along the Dead Scar yet?


We don't anticipate the Scourge letting up on their attacks any time soon, but we still appreciate any help we get guarding the Scar.


You will be able to chose from:
Inv chest leather 03
Inv gauntlets 04
Inv pants 09


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