Objectives Edit

Kill 11 Jadefire Felsworns, 9 Jadefire Shadowstalkers, 9 Jadefire Rogues, and Xavathras. Return to Eridan Bluewind in Felwood when the task has been completed.

Description Edit

Not many seek adventure here... Felwood's corruption is widespread and indiscriminate. As part of the Emerald Circle, I seek to heal this land, but there are some that wish it to fester. The ones I speak of are the Jadefire satyrs that dwell to the northwest of here, at the Ruins of Constellas. Led by a particularly cruel satyr named Xavathras, they continue to spread the disease to any creatures they encounter. We must defend this land that was once ours. Defeat Xavathras and destroy his minions.

Completion Edit

Ridding Felwood of Xavathras is only the first step in a long process. It will take much work to repair the damage that has been done here. I sense that there is something much larger than just the satyrs at work here, but we will only know the truth with time...

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 5450 XP (or 33Silver at level 70)

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