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The Clarity Elixir is part of a chain of quests which Alliance 15Alliance players complete shortly after they have finished the Assault on the Dark Portal scenario, and established a Garrison at Lunarfall. At the end of this chain of quests, the player is able to upgrade their garrison to level 2.




I see a thousand glimpses of the future, swimming in a chaotic blur.

It is possible to focus my energies to see the true eventuality - the future most likely to come to pass.

I will need an oracle stone to focus my power, and a special elixir to still my mind.

To make the elixir, I will need the following ingredients: wing dust from Swamplighters along the river, fresh hearts from a monstrously-sized hydra, and a rare star lily.

Meet me at Moonwillow Peak when this task is done.




My trust in you is well placed, young <class>.

This task would have been troublesome for many of my students, and yet you finished it with ease.


Upon completion of this quest, players receive

Quest progression

1. Alliance 15 [91] A Hero's Welcome
2. Alliance 15 [91] Closing the Door
3. Alliance 15 [91] Dark Enemies
4. Alliance 15 [91] Think of the Children!
5. Alliance 15 [91] Shadows Awaken
6. Alliance 15 [91] Into Twilight
7. Alliance 15 [91] The Clarity Elixir
8. Alliance 15 [91] The Fate of Karabor
9. Alliance 15 [91] Going Undercover
10. Alliance 15 [91] Escape From Shaz'gul
11. Alliance 15 [92] Fast Expansion
12. Alliance 15 [92] Bigger is Better

Patch changes

Warlords-Logo-Small Patch 6.0.2 (14-October-2014): Added.

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