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Use [The Cipher of Damnation] at The Altar of Damnation to summon Cyrukh the Firelord.

Destroy Cyrukh the Firelord and then speak to Earthmender Torlok, also found at The Altar of Damnation.


How many times has this spell been used in the history of our worlds? Undoubtedly, its power for destruction is unparalleled.

What you must do now is take the cipher, now made whole, and read it from The Altar of Damnation - where the memory of Gul'dan stands.

What you will see once the words are uttered are the memories left imprinted upon the land. Stand your ground and await the coming of Cyrukh.

The Cipher of Damnation TCG

In the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.

You must be victorious, <Name>. This land can not withstand another shattering.


Is it done?



The mark of Kael'Thas...

<Earthmender Torlok takes [The Cipher of Damnation] from you.>

You have done as the elements asked. For that, we are grateful. While you will be rewarded, trouble still looms. The spirits of fire are in turmoil. A claim has been made. [The Cipher of Damnation] is known by another.

It is cryptic, I know, but that is all the spirits would have me know. That and this symbol...

<Earthmender Torlok turns around and points into the sky.>

What could it mean?


You receive 24Gold 60Silver and
Inv jewelry necklace 17

Choose from the following
Inv weapon shortblade 14
Inv axe 14
Inv weapon bow 16
Inv staff draenei a 03
Inv axe 68
Inv staff draenei a 01


This is a 5 player group quest.

After completing this quest, you should receive a [Letter from Shattrath] in the mail.

Quest Progression

The Hand of Gul'dan quest chain

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