This is part of the Night elf Taxi! quest chain quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Bring Nessa's Collection to Vesprystus.


The fishermen of Rut'theran village do very well, for the fish here are extremely large and abundant. I would like to compare the bounty here with that of the mainland.

I have a collection of fish bones and scales that I would like taken to a colleague of mine in Darkshore. His name is Laird, he is a fish vendor in the village of Auberdine.

Bring my collection to our hippogryph master, Vesprystus, and speak to him about traveling to Auberdine.


How may I help you? Are you in need of transport?


Ah, you wish to get this to Auberdine? Very well...

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15Inv misc questionmarkInv misc questionmark [10] Nessa Shadowsong
  2. Alliance 15Inv misc questionmarkInv misc questionmark [10] The Bounty of Teldrassil
  3. Alliance 15Inv misc questionmarkInv misc questionmark [10] Flight to Auberdine
  4. Alliance 15Inv misc questionmarkInv misc questionmark [10] Return to Nessa

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