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Windseer Grayhorn in Conquest Hold wants you to speak to Orsonn at the Ragefang Shrine and Kodian at the Heart's Blood Shrine.

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It is possible that the furbolg of Grizzly Hills have the same taint that plagued Vordrassil. They've been involved in a deadly tribal war recently after years of peaceful coexistence.

The shrines that they guard to the southeast are home to Ursoc's offspring.

If the corruption has affected the furbolg, it is possible that because of their lineage, Kodian and Orsonn have remained unharmed.

If that's the case, find them and listen to what they have to say.

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Ursoc's children are wise. Their words explain much of what we've seen so far.

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Orsonn's Story:

I once roamed the Grizzly Hills, son to the great Ursoc, who ruled over this land.

But now... now I'm doomed to spend the rest of my life in this cave.

Gossipgossipicon You're free to go Orsonn, but first tell me what's wrong with the furbolg.

You don't understand. If I wanted to I could fight my way out of this cave.

It's my father, Ursoc. He has returned from the dead... but he's not the same.

He gave his life during the War of the Ancients thousands of years ago. For centuries, the furbolg who worshipped him tried to devise a way to resurrect him.

Finally they decided they were to attempt to regrow the failed world tree, Vordrassil, and use its magic to bring back my father.

Gossipgossipicon What happened then?

The sapling they grew bore a fruit. At first it seemed to work. Ursoc did come back and I was filled with joy for a brief moment.

As he recovered, it was clear that he wasn't the same. Neither were the furbolg.

Whatever evil caused the ancient druids to tear down Vordrassil manifested itself in the new tree and turned them all into monsters filled with bloodlust.

The thing that now walks the Grizzly Hills is not my father and it must be put to rest.

Gossipgossipicon Thank you, Son of Ursoc. I'll see what can be done.
Kodian's Story:

I am Kodian, daughter of Ursoc. I watch over this once sacred shrine.

I've not seen a strange come here in a long time.

Gossipgossipicon Who was this stranger?

A furbolg named Tur Ragepaw. Not one of ours.

This one came from the southern lands. He was of the Timbermaw tribe.

He wanted to see Ursoc. He seemed to think that Vordrassil's taint could be purified and used to save my father.

It is foolish to entertain such hopes. You will agree when you see the darkness that has afflicted him like I have.

Gossipgossipicon Thank you, Kodian. I'll do what I can.

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  1. Horde 15 [74] Vordrassil's Fall & Horde 15 [74] The Darkness Beneath
  2. Horde 15 [75] The Bear God's Offspring & Horde 15 [74] A Possible Link
  3. Horde 15 [74] Vordrassil's Seeds & Horde 15 [75] Destroy the Sapling
  4. Horde 15 [75G] Ursoc, the Bear God

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