The Affray is the 2nd quest in the The Islander quest chain.


Kill Big Will, then speak to Klannoc Macleod on Fray Island.

  • Big Wills slain
  • Step on the grate to begin the Affray


If you want to learn from me, then you must first pass The Affray. It is a challenge we on Fray Island like to offer rising warriors who think they're tough, and if you can pass this test then I'll know you are.

To begin, walk into the middle of that crowd yonder and step on the grate. That'll tell Twiggy Flathead you're ready, and he'll send challengers against you.

Beat all the challengers and he'll call out Big Will. Kill Big Will, and return to me in the time we allow.


Well done, <name>.  You have passed The Affray!

You are a worthy <class>, and I am honored to teach you...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2450 experience XP

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