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Objectives Edit

Vindicator Haylen wants you to kill the Terokkarantula and then return to him west of Netherweb Ridge.

Description Edit

You have slain many of the dreadfang widows but they will continue to spawn and soon they will strike at us again. Deep within Netherweb Ridge is the lair of the Terokkarantula, the brood-mother of these gruesome creatures. If we are to be safe, she must die.

Progress Edit

Has Terokkarantula been slain?

Completion Edit

The dreadfangs are beaten. You have killed many and even their foul mother has fallen before you. I am too poisoned to fight my way to freedom.

Please, take some of my equipment. It will lighten my load and give you the tools you need to make the journey back to Sha'tar Outpost.

Reward Edit

6Gold 60Silver, 11000 XP, The Sha'tar +250

Choice of
Inv sword 59
Inv jewelry ring 43
Inv shoulder 20
Inv misc book 04

Details Edit

Terokkarantula is a level 65 elite spider who spawns around 53,81 (east of the quest giver, in Netherweb Ridge). The quest suggests doing this quest as a group of 3 players but it may be possible to solo it at higher levels. A group of 2 players at level 67 or higher can take it out with only moderate difficulty.

Quest progression Edit

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