Objectives Edit

Scout Navrin wants you to travel to the Netherweb Ridge and free 6 Webbed Sha'tar Warriors and then return to him at Sha'tar Outpost.

Description Edit

Out small outpost is under constant attack. Several nights ago the spiders of the Netherweb Ridge raided our camp. They poisoned many of our people, wrapped them in their webs and carried them away. Some of our warriors took up arms and with little preparation pursued the spiders into the night.

We have not seen the captives or our hunting parties in several days. We hope that some may still be alive, perhaps imprisoned by the spiders. Our numbers are few. Will you search for our people?

Progress Edit

Did you find our missing people?

Completion Edit

You saved so many. I didn't think we would ever see them again. We cannot thank you enough, <name>.

Reward Edit

3Gold 30Silver, 11000 XP
+250 Sha'tar

Notes Edit

This quest combines well with

- A helpful tip I used here is to weave your way through the wooded area dealing with the spiders as they get close and using a ranged attack to pop the webbed pods. This way you dont have to fight the adds that come out. The rate of which I found the Shatari was very low and after a while the adds became more of a hassle than the spiders. The ranged attack allowed me to pop the webbed pod but not aggro the add inside.

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