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Kill Lord Godfrey.

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If all goes well you'll just be able to walk right into Godfrey's personal domain and take a reward fitting for such an eager young <class>.

Godfrey is a cunning foe, though, so it may be wise to head up there quickly just in case you're needed. He will pay for what he did to the Dark Lady!

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Completion Edit

For a moment there, I thought all was lost. Even when surrounded by the worgen in Gilneas I had higher hopes!

But you proved me wrong <name>. I will see to it that Sylvanas herself hears of your triumph here today. Don't worry about the mess here, I will gladly see to it myself.

Gains Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv chest chain 12
[Breastplate of the Terrible Price]
Inv shoulder 15
[Deathstalker Pauldrons]
Inv shoulder 13
[Shadowfang Spaulders]
Inv boots cloth 01
[Sandals of Sacrifice]
Inv pants 08
[Godfrey's Britches]

You will also receive:

  • 53Silver

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